Regional masterplan and city master plan for a 100km long coastline, just off the south korean border. one of the biggest harbours and industrial zones of china, yingkou wanted a concept of how to develop this zone into a second pearl river delta.


I proposed a linear zoning concept with dedicated stripes for each industry, with danwei-like local urban centres/industrial towns from where the whole regional development could spread out in all directions. a pre-arranged system of direct highways and a secondary orthogonal street grid went hand in hand with a hight zoning for buidlings and a population density concept.


one of those strips was taken to city block detail and worked out in a team of five people to generate a grown city-like feeling, containing, residential areas, a CBD and recreational beach fronts.


In this invited competion with seven participants we mad the formidible last place with undoubtedly the best project. a lot of concept and graphics, methodical approach and sustainibility thoughts, but it turned out that the local city government just wanted to hack up the land and sell it out asap and build a nice boulevard with a small high rise centre and luxury villas at the coast.