Shanghai Expo 2010 is coming up and we all need our own country pavilion for it. Austria has a positive image and is recognised as a music country full of culture and beautiful landscape. A harmonious place, a little backwards maybe, but otherwise wonderful. Even though those klischees are not totally true, they are also not wrong and therefore I use as the background and idea of the pavilions concept.


A historical facade, where all windows are replaced by interactive LEDs is the setup and strongest feature. An alpine garden in the back, open to the public, and a cantilevering, modern concrete/glass round off the ensemble. A spacious terrace with view over the whole expo site acts as venue for concerts or performances or simply as meeting point and outdoor cafeteria. The pavilion has an overall strong identity but carries individual characters seen from different sides.


This project was an entry for an open ideas competition for the Austrian pavilion for the Shanghai Expo 2010.