TianAnMen Square is one of Beijing`s most remarkable attractions. For tourists at least. Impressive only by scale, the largest square in the world doesn`t really offer you much as an urban space. Pacing it, or standing around and taking a look at the big scale official buildings and the Forbidden City that surround it is as good as it gets. TianAnMen square can also be regarded as the biggest wound in Beijing`s city fabric. A vast space, a void filled only with the aura of history. A none_space.


In order to heal this wound an object, a piece of city furniture is created. Like cell mitosis and skin regeneration, the object multiplies and starts to grow piece by piece to cover parts of the square liek a carpet. The design of the object itself is based on a skin cell and consist of a two-piece core and an outer ring. As the object is symmetrical, it can be attached to any other counterpiece and thereby form a maze, groups or ringlike arrangements as pleased or needed.


Its purpose is not only to invite people to sit down and engage in communication or take a break and relax, but also to change their perception of the square or its scale. Thus the square will be transformed from an uninviting, blank and simple tourist attraction into a communicative public space and meeting point.


The project was my contribution to the exhibition "SKIN, young austrian art" at the CAFA Museum in Beijing in 2005.