The creation of the first prototype requires understanding of the work process, a lot of work and patience. After explaining everything, a block of plaster is cast and elevations and plans of the object marked on it. Then the block is roughly cut and later more and more precisely worked on. Symmetry has to be constantly checked and the object smoothed more and more. Laptop and 3d model are used to show and explain details and to measure curvatures and distances. The solid model of the prototype is 15% bigger then the real piece. The negative form is created and then the final ceramics positive is cast and restores the original size of the product.


The steps for the ceramics base are the same. Then lacquer is applied and the pieces burned in the oven. One option of the handle is handcrafted from a single plastic piece. The metal version of the base is also handmade, polished and eventually a chrome layer will be added for the reflection.