The base plan (single unit) is a triangle with tapered/cut off corners. The principle is to mirror and rotate and thus combine single units into double units (square layout) and connect them with adjacent units to form ensembles. The triangular shape offers more possibilities to connect and generate interesting master plans with ambiguous and multi-purpose in-between (green) zones.


All units are made of prefabricated elements which can be chosen from a catalogue and therefore unlimited variations exist on how to use the 500m3. Installation on site will be quick, cheap and uncomplicated. “GBDgbd” works well as a perfectly customisable stand-alone building, but it strengths lies in generating a small village or artist compound, based on a coherent, distinguishable principle that can generate different scales and adapt to functions and needs or surrounding and site characteristics.


This project was my competition entry for the open international competition GBD, Gaobeidian Art District (Beijing). The name G(good)B(building)D(design) is chosen in order to play with the abbreviation of the competitions title and to express that architecture is about concept, building and space not about fancy images and glossy renderings, which so often seem to influence decision makers.