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1977: october 5th born in Vienna, Austria schools: 4 years grammar school Loewengasse, Vienna, 7 years high school Kundmanngasse, Vienna, 2 years high school Hegelgasse14, Vienna, school leaving examination with decoration. 28.05.1997, Hegelgasse 14 post school: 8 months of military service, Vienna studies: 1998: accepted at the "University of Applied Arts, Vienna", studio Wolf Prix 2 Semester studio Wolf Prix 2 Semester studio Zvi Hecker 4 Semester studio Zaha Hadid 1 Semester "Esag Penninghen", Paris 1 Semester internship at "Office for Metropolitan Architecture" (OMA), Rotterdam 1 Semester studio ZahaHadid 2004: Diploma at studio Zaha Hadid. exhibitions: Participation in group exhibitions of studio Wolf Prix and studio Zaha Hadid as well as in CAFA Museum Beijing for “Skin, young austrian Art”. travel history: Participation in research- and project related excursions to Israel, Poland, USA, Austria, China, Switzerland and the Netherlands, as well as self organised field trips to Europe, South America and China and Thailand. program skills: Rhino, 3dStudioMax, Autocad, Illustrator, Photoshop language skills: German (mother tongue), english (fluent), french (written, spoken) Spanish (conversational). currently trying to learn chinese. professional experience: 1999: 2 months austrian rail road-real estate development department, Vienna, Austria 2000: projects for interior architect Angelika Harreiter, Vienna, Austria 2001: mock up modeling for artist Hans Kuppelwiser, Lower Austria 2002: 2 months designer at "Oskar Leo Kaufmann Ziviltechniker GmbH" (OLK), Vorarlberg, Austria 2003: 5 months trainee at "Office for Metroplitan Architecture", (OMA), Rotterdam 2004: 4 mounths designer at DnA-System_beijing in China. 2005: 18 months project architect at MAD in China. 2006: start as independent freelancer in product design and architecture, based in Beijing, China.