What is the story and concept behind the LANDCARPET rug series?
I have always been inspired by watching the landscape go by when I fly and thought that it would be great to transform these impressions into floor covering for your home
How does the design process work?
I browse through large areas of various countries via satellite image services to find a typical landscape, then trace the main features, abstracting and simplifying in the process to finally expose the essence of the landscape and country that it represents
What scale are your rugs?
They are not in any particular scale or taken from a fixed height. The artistic value is more important to me than the direct comparison between individual rugs. In general they cover an area of serveral hectares.
How did you come up with the name LANDCARPET?
It was a rather obvious choice to me as they are rugs representing landscapes
How many designs are there?
There are currently four countries represented and available for purchase in limited edition of 88pcs each. The areas are Europe, Netherlands, USA and Africa.
Which designs/models of LANDCARPET are still available?
All of the above are still available
Will you extend the LANDCARPET series with other places and designs?
Absolutely, I am currently working on an Asia model and certainly more will follow. Unique pieces of Italy and Hong Kong have neen successfully sold at design auctions.
Do you make custom size rugs or custom designed rugs?
Yes, I do. If you are an interior decorator, architect or collector please send me an email to see what we can do
Which award did your rug series win?
Together with my partner Liu Bo our rug series won ELLE DECORATION INTERNATIONAL DESIGN AWARD for best floor covering China in 2009
On more than 1000 blogs, online magazines and micro sites as well as in 40+ print publications from all over the world.
Is LANDCARPET suitable for kids?
Simply the best wool there is. Colours last longer, it is environmentally friendly and sustainable and a 100% natural product . For more details please click here
Is LANDCARPET suitable for kids?
Indeed a lot of my rugs find themselves in kid’s rooms. We use glue that is non-toxic, the colors are of international industry standard and the wool is a natural product. However I do not recommed the rug for toddlers and babies
Where can I buy or order a LANDCARPET?
Directly from me through my website www.florianpucher.com
How much does one of your rugs cost?
Please refer to the OVERVIEW section of my homepage for details
How long does it take from purchase to delivery of a LANDCARPET?
I do not have lots of rugs in stock so typically it will take 5-6 weeks. We estimate 4 weeks for the Hand-tufting process and quality control, then another five work days for express delivery via DHL discounte air freight

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